Who We Are


Who We Are

Little Bumchums - The story so far...

Australian slang for best friends... or mates you feel totally comfortable with...

Our story stretches far back and we could go on forever. As we do. But we know you've got things to do and kids to feed, so we'll keep it brief.

We are two best friends that grew up together in Avalon, one of the most beautiful suburbs on Sydney's northern beaches.

As time moved on and we grew up, we found love, got married, bought houses. One moved interstate, then we both had babies and our time together became seldom.

A few months ago we had a rare opportunity to spend some time together, and found ourselves in the lounge room chatting over cups of tea (instead of around the bar over cocktails, like in the good old days).
As we looked around, we both spotted the awful, cheap, ugly Dora sleeper sofa that we had purchased with much hesitation (don't get us wrong, we love Dora), and we looked at each other and burst out laughing. "Oh my God, how did that ugly sofa wind up in this beautiful house?"

We knew the kids wouldn't part with the sofa, but that ugly one really had to go.
Why don't we come up with an Australian made, bigger, stronger, funky, kids fold-out lounge with cool, interchangeable prints?
And lets add a pocket for the remote control or books, and a handle to make it easier for them to drag around.

"Little Bumchums" was born, with love

We hope your kids will enjoy them as much as ours do.