Gold Coast Kindyland Kids 3 Turana St, Paradise Point, QLD 4216, Ph 55295033

  • To Whom It May Concern, We have had the pleasure of sharing our time with Lillian Popovic’s children in our Centre at Paradise Point since 2009. Lillian has designed and created a wonderful Australian made product for children which we have been the proud owners of for over 12 months now. The Little Bumchum sofa has proven to be a success with children, for reading quietly on their own or in pairs, in a group or lying down to relax. The children have just adored them. We have used the couches all over the centre in our youngest room through to our school aged children who love the comfort of this great Australian product. The durability has also been a success for us as many children are on and off it all day. It has sustained the shape and comfort easily over this time. We especially love the easy to clean option, making our lives easier. I would highly recommend this product; it has clearly been researched thoroughly and correctly and is very well made. Regards Jodie Newman Centre Director

  • Jan 2012 - Kids Flip Out Sofa, so much better than the standard

  • Pros: The great fabric, that it looks fresh and sturdy and is quite attractive. And of course the hours of pleasure my son has sitting on it with books, toys and to just relax.
  • Overall: These funky, Australian designed sofas are very solid, still foam, but with strong fabric on the wide back and sides my son can sit and squirm all over it without it losing it's support. It is wider than the usual flip out sofa too, our son asks us to sit with him on it and we can very comfortably! I'm not sure the designers had adults in mind for sitting on it but it makes for lovely reading times together and the sofa doesn't seem to suffer at all from it. I love the denim back and sides, the dark colour looks great and whilst it is removable for washing, I don't think I'll need to very often. The flip out part has different fabric (which the buyer chooses from a colourful range), interchangeable with lots of different prints, which I will take off for regular washing. I expect this sofa to last for years, which makes it more than worth the extra money spent when I bought it. I ordered it directly from the designers website Littlebumchums and it arrived very quickly and well packaged. Little Bumchums Kids Flip Out Sofas is recommended by lc_lang

  • Friday 16th March 2012

  • As a director of a Long Day Care I am always looking for fun durable furniture for the children in the centre. When I came across Little Bumchums couches I was impressed with their fun designs and placed one in my book corner in the 3-5yrs room. The couch has now been a part of the centre for over a year and the children still enjoy sitting with their friends, reading stories with each other. The couch has been extremely durable, with the children using it every day and still looking new still. I also love that at any time I can contact the staff at Little Bumchums and order a new cover, to change the look of the couch, if my setting changes. I think having the Little Bumchums couch has really brightened up my book area, making it inviting to all the children.
  • Bronwyn Titterton Director/Room Leader.